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#include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp>
#include <boost/utility.hpp>
#include <boost/thread/mutex.hpp>
#include <boost/thread/condition.hpp>
#include <boost/any.hpp>

#include <string>
#include <map>
#include <list>
#include <set>

#include "inputbuffer.h"
#include "datainputstream.h"
#include "protectedbuffer.h"
#include "rpccommandhandler.h"

namespace rpc {

 * Class that parses and forwards commands that are received in
 * the RpcDriver.
00028 class CommandDispatcher : private boost::noncopyable
      typedef std::list<RpcCommandHandlerPtr> RpcCommandHandlerList;
      CommandDispatcher() : requireAuthentication(false) { }
      ~CommandDispatcher() { }
       * Register a command with us so that it receives notifications
       * when a command that carries its name is received.
       * @param pCmdHandler Command to register.
      void registerCommand( RpcCommandHandlerPtr pCmdHandler );
       * Handle a command that has been received in the RpcDriver. This includes
       * parsing the parameters and notifying all RpcCommandHandlers that listen
       * for this type of command.
       * @param sender Id of the client that sent this command.
       * @param cmd Input buffer containing the data of the command. This should
       *                  be in the form of <cmd name>, <param>, <param>, ...
      void handleCommand( int sender, CmdInputBufferPtr cmd );
       * Tell the thread to stop executing.
      void abort();
       * Wait for commands to start coming in. This should be the entry point
       * for the thread that sits and handles commands.
      void waitForCommand();

      void setClientAuthenticated(int clientId,bool authenticated);
      bool isClientAuthenticated(int clientId);
      void enableAuthenticationChecking(bool yes) {requireAuthentication=yes;}

       * Parse the suplied params and put them in a variant.
       * @param params The parameters to be parsed.
       * @return The resulting variant constructed from the params.
      void parseCommandParams( DataInputStreamPtr paramStream, std::list<boost::any>& params );
      boost::any getNextParam(DataInputStreamPtr paramStream, 
                                                                  std::list<boost::any>& params) ;

       * Retreive the name of the command from the input buffer representing
       * the command. It will also advance the buffer past the command name 
       * so that others can keep reading to get the rest of the params.
       * @param cmd Contains all the data for the command.
      std::string retrieveCommandName( DataInputStreamPtr cmdStream );
       * Send the command specified by cmdName to all the registerd 
       * RpcCommandHandlers and pass a variant containing the params along.
       * @param cmdName Name of the command.
       * @param sender Id of the client that sent this command.
       * @param params Variant containing parameters for the command.
      void dispatchCommand( const std::string& cmdName,
                                      int sender,
                                      const std::list<boost::any>& params );
      /// Make sure that two threads don't access the map of commands at
      /// the same time.
00101       boost::mutex handlerListMutex;
      /// Mutex used in a condition to make the receiver thread wait
      /// for data to arrive in the outgoing queue
00105       boost::mutex commandMonitor;
      /// Condition used to wait for data to be present in the command queue.
      /// Used together with m_queueMonitor
00109       boost::condition commandAvailable;
      /// Map containing all the commands that have registered wich maps
      /// a command name to a list of RpcCommandHandlers registerd for that name.
00113       std::map< std::string, RpcCommandHandlerList> registeredCommands;
      /// Buffer holding the commands that are waiting to be handled
00116       ProtectedBuffer< std::list<boost::any> > commandBuffer;
      /// Set this to enable authentication checking
00119       bool requireAuthentication;

      /// Holds authenticated clients
00122       std::set<int> authenticatedClients;

/// Smart pointer class for convinience
typedef boost::shared_ptr<CommandDispatcher> CommandDispatcherPtr;



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