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dcqt_backend::ClientNotifier Class Reference

#include <ClientNotifier.h>

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Detailed Description

Lightweight abstraction layer between a Session and the XmlRpcClient.

Definition at line 29 of file ClientNotifier.h.

Public Types

enum  { UPLOAD = 0, DOWNLOAD = 1 }
enum  QueueEvent {
enum  TransferEvent { STARTING = 0, TICK = 1, COMPLETE = 2, FAILED = 3 }

Public Member Functions

virtual void connected (int aSessionId)
virtual void connectionFailed (int session, const string &reason)
virtual void favouriteHubAdded (const FavoriteHubEntry *e)
virtual void favouriteHubRemoved (const string &server)
virtual void finishedEvent (int type)
virtual void finishedEvent (int type, int id)
virtual void finishedEvent (int type, int, FinishedItem *)
virtual void getPassword (int aSessionId)
virtual void hashInfo (string &, int64_t, int, int)
virtual void hubStats (int aSessionId, int64_t aAvailable)
virtual void hubUpdated (int aSessionId, const std::string &hubName)
virtual void message (int aSessionId, const std::string &msg)
virtual void newHubList ()
virtual void privateMessage (int aSessionId, const ::User::Ptr &user, const std::string &msg)
virtual void queueEvent (QueueEvent event, QueueItem *, int)
virtual void searchResult (int aSessionId, SearchResult *result)
virtual void searchResults (int aSessionId, vector< SearchResult * > &results)
void setRpcDriver (rpc::RpcDriverPtr aDriver)
virtual void transferEvent (Download *, const string &)
virtual void transferEvent (TransferEvent e, Download *)
virtual void transferEvent (Upload *, const string &)
virtual void transferEvent (TransferEvent e, Upload *)
 Starting or complete.
virtual void transferTick (const Download::List &)
virtual void transferTick (const Upload::List &, TransferManager::UploadStatusMap &)
virtual void userRemoved (int aSessionId, int aUserId)
virtual void usersUpdated (int sessionId, const vector< int > &updatedUsers)
virtual void userUpdated (int aSessionId, const ::User::Ptr &user)

Static Public Member Functions

static ClientNotifierinstance ()

Protected Member Functions

string createFileListing (QueueItem *item)
void parseDir (DirectoryListing::Directory::Ptr dir, std::string &tree, bool isUtf8)

Protected Attributes

rpc::RpcDriverPtr driver

Static Protected Attributes

static ClientNotifierinst = 0

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