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 * Copyright (C) 2001-2005 Jacek Sieka, arnetheduck on gmail point com
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
 * (at your option) any later version.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.

#if !defined(AFX_HUBMANAGER_H__75858D5D_F12F_40D0_B127_5DDED226C098__INCLUDED_)
#define AFX_HUBMANAGER_H__75858D5D_F12F_40D0_B127_5DDED226C098__INCLUDED_

#if _MSC_VER > 1000
#pragma once
#endif // _MSC_VER > 1000

#include "SettingsManager.h"

#include "CriticalSection.h"
#include "HttpConnection.h"
#include "User.h"
#include "UserCommand.h"
#include "FavoriteUser.h"
#include "Singleton.h"

class HubEntry {
      typedef vector<HubEntry> List;
      typedef List::iterator Iter;
      HubEntry(const string& aName, const string& aServer, const string& aDescription, const string& aUsers) throw() : 
      name(aName), server(aServer), description(aDescription), country(Util::emptyString), 
      rating(Util::emptyString), reliability(0.0), shared(0), minShare(0), users(Util::toInt(aUsers)), minSlots(0), maxHubs(0), maxUsers(0) { };

      HubEntry(const string& aName, const string& aServer, const string& aDescription, const string& aUsers, const string& aCountry,
            const string& aShared, const string& aMinShare, const string& aMinSlots, const string& aMaxHubs, const string& aMaxUsers,
            const string& aReliability, const string& aRating) : name(aName), server(aServer), description(aDescription), country(aCountry), 
            rating(aRating), reliability((float)(Util::toFloat(aReliability) / 100.0)), shared(Util::toInt64(aShared)), minShare(Util::toInt64(aMinShare)),
            users(Util::toInt(aUsers)), minSlots(Util::toInt(aMinSlots)), maxHubs(Util::toInt(aMaxHubs)), maxUsers(Util::toInt(aMaxUsers)) 


      HubEntry() throw() { };
      HubEntry(const HubEntry& rhs) throw() : name(rhs.name), server(rhs.server), description(rhs.description), country(rhs.country), 
            rating(rhs.rating), reliability(rhs.reliability), shared(rhs.shared), minShare(rhs.minShare), users(rhs.users), minSlots(rhs.minSlots),
            maxHubs(rhs.maxHubs), maxUsers(rhs.maxUsers) { }

      ~HubEntry() throw() { };

      GETSET(string, name, Name);
      GETSET(string, server, Server);
      GETSET(string, description, Description);
      GETSET(string, country, Country);
      GETSET(string, rating, Rating);
      GETSET(float, reliability, Reliability);
      GETSET(int64_t, shared, Shared);
      GETSET(int64_t, minShare, MinShare);
      GETSET(int, users, Users);
      GETSET(int, minSlots, MinSlots);
      GETSET(int, maxHubs, MaxHubs)
      GETSET(int, maxUsers, MaxUsers);

class FavoriteHubEntry {
      typedef FavoriteHubEntry* Ptr;
      typedef vector<Ptr> List;
      typedef List::iterator Iter;

      FavoriteHubEntry() throw() : connect(false), bottom(0), top(0), left(0), right(0){ };
      FavoriteHubEntry(const HubEntry& rhs) throw() : name(rhs.getName()), server(rhs.getServer()), description(rhs.getDescription()), connect(false), bottom(0), top(0), left(0), right(0){ };
      FavoriteHubEntry(const FavoriteHubEntry& rhs) throw() : userdescription(rhs.userdescription), name(rhs.getName()), server(rhs.getServer()), description(rhs.getDescription()), 
            password(rhs.getPassword()), connect(rhs.getConnect()), bottom(rhs.getBottom()), top(rhs.getTop()), left(rhs.getLeft()), right(rhs.getRight()), nick(rhs.nick){ };
      ~FavoriteHubEntry() throw() { }     
      const string& getNick(bool useDefault = true) const { 
            return (!nick.empty() || !useDefault) ? nick : SETTING(NICK);

      void setNick(const string& aNick) { nick = aNick; };

      GETSET(string, userdescription, UserDescription);
      GETSET(string, name, Name);
      GETSET(string, server, Server);
      GETSET(string, description, Description);
      GETSET(string, password, Password);
      GETSET(bool, connect, Connect);

      GETSET(u_int16_t, bottom, Bottom);
      GETSET(u_int16_t, top, Top);
      GETSET(u_int16_t, left, Left);
      GETSET(u_int16_t, right, Right);

      string nick;

class HubManagerListener {
      template<int I>   struct X { enum { TYPE = I };  };

      typedef X<0> DownloadStarting;
      typedef X<1> DownloadFailed;
      typedef X<2> DownloadFinished;
      typedef X<3> FavoriteAdded;
      typedef X<4> FavoriteRemoved;
      typedef X<5> UserAdded;
      typedef X<6> UserRemoved;

      virtual void on(DownloadStarting, const string&) throw() { }
      virtual void on(DownloadFailed, const string&) throw() { }
      virtual void on(DownloadFinished, const string&) throw() { }
      virtual void on(FavoriteAdded, const FavoriteHubEntry*) throw() { }
      virtual void on(FavoriteRemoved, const FavoriteHubEntry*) throw() { }
      virtual void on(UserAdded, const User::Ptr&) throw() { }
      virtual void on(UserRemoved, const User::Ptr&) throw() { }

class SimpleXML;

 * Public hub list, favorites (hub&user). Assumed to be called only by UI thread.
00135 class HubManager : public Speaker<HubManagerListener>, private HttpConnectionListener, public Singleton<HubManager>,
      private SettingsManagerListener
// Public Hubs
      enum HubTypes {
      StringList getHubLists();
      bool setHubList(int /*aHubList*/);
      int getSelectedHubList() { return lastServer; };
      void refresh();
      HubTypes getHubListType() { return listType; };
      HubEntry::List getPublicHubs() {
            Lock l(cs);
            return publicListMatrix[publicListServer];
      bool isDownloading() { return running; };

// Favorite Users
      User::List& getFavoriteUsers() { return users; };
      void addFavoriteUser(User::Ptr& aUser);
      void removeFavoriteUser(User::Ptr& aUser);

// Favorite Hubs
      FavoriteHubEntry::List& getFavoriteHubs() { return favoriteHubs; };

      void addFavorite(const FavoriteHubEntry& aEntry);
      void removeFavorite(FavoriteHubEntry* entry);

// Favorite Directories
      bool addFavoriteDir(const string& aDirectory, const string& aName);
      bool removeFavoriteDir(const string& aName);
      bool renameFavoriteDir(const string& aName, const string& anotherName);
      StringPairList getFavoriteDirs() { return favoriteDirs; }

      FavoriteHubEntry* getFavoriteHubEntry(const string& aServer) {
            for(FavoriteHubEntry::Iter i = favoriteHubs.begin(); i != favoriteHubs.end(); ++i) {
                  FavoriteHubEntry* hub = *i;
                  if(Util::stricmp(hub->getServer(), aServer) == 0) {
                        return hub;
            return NULL;

// User Commands
      UserCommand addUserCommand(int type, int ctx, int flags, const string& name, const string& command, const string& hub);
      bool getUserCommand(int cid, UserCommand& uc);
      bool moveUserCommand(int cid, int pos);
      void updateUserCommand(const UserCommand& uc);
      void removeUserCommand(int cid);
      void removeUserCommand(const string& srv);
      void removeHubUserCommands(int ctx, const string& hub);

      UserCommand::List getUserCommands() { Lock l(cs); return userCommands; };
      UserCommand::List getUserCommands(int ctx, const string& hub, bool op);

      void load();
      void save();
      FavoriteHubEntry::List favoriteHubs;
      StringPairList favoriteDirs;
      UserCommand::List userCommands;
      int lastId;

      User::List users;

      CriticalSection cs;

      // Public Hubs
      typedef map<string, HubEntry::List> PubListMap;
      PubListMap publicListMatrix;
      string publicListServer;
      bool running;
      HttpConnection* c;
      int lastServer;
      HubTypes listType;
      string downloadBuf;
      /** Used during loading to prevent saving. */
00219       bool dontSave;

      friend class Singleton<HubManager>;
      HubManager() : lastId(0), running(false), c(NULL), lastServer(0), listType(TYPE_NORMAL), dontSave(false) {

      virtual ~HubManager() throw() {
            if(c) {
                  delete c;
                  c = NULL;
            for_each(favoriteHubs.begin(), favoriteHubs.end(), DeleteFunction<FavoriteHubEntry*>());
      FavoriteHubEntry::Iter getFavoriteHub(const string& aServer) {
            for(FavoriteHubEntry::Iter i = favoriteHubs.begin(); i != favoriteHubs.end(); ++i) {
                  if(Util::stricmp((*i)->getServer(), aServer) == 0) {
                        return i;
            return favoriteHubs.end();

      void loadXmlList(const string& xml);

      // HttpConnectionListener
      virtual void on(Data, HttpConnection*, const u_int8_t*, size_t) throw();
      virtual void on(Failed, HttpConnection*, const string&) throw();
      virtual void on(Complete, HttpConnection*, const string&) throw();
      virtual void on(Redirected, HttpConnection*, const string&) throw();
      virtual void on(TypeNormal, HttpConnection*) throw();
      virtual void on(TypeBZ2, HttpConnection*) throw();

      void onHttpFinished() throw();

      // SettingsManagerListener
      virtual void on(SettingsManagerListener::Load, SimpleXML* xml) throw() {

      void load(SimpleXML* aXml);

#endif // !defined(AFX_HUBMANAGER_H__75858D5D_F12F_40D0_B127_5DDED226C098__INCLUDED_)

 * @file
 * $Id: HubManager.h,v 1.2 2005/08/21 14:03:43 olof Exp $

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